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Tips for selecting Skilled Home Care from

This holiday season you may notice a parent or family member not doing well and could be considering helping out by looking for skilled home care for them.  Here are 10 questions to ask skilled home care providers

10 Questions to Consider When Selecting and Comparing Skilled Home Care Providers:

  1. Is the provider Medicare and Medicaid approved?
  2. Are they experienced in providing the care needed?
  3. Can family and friends visit while the provider is in the home?
  4. Is the provider connected with special services in case they are needs, for example, a ventilator or rehabilitation area?
  5. What services don’t they provide or will incur additional costs?
  6. Do staff wear name tags and do they knock before entering a room?
  7. What is the condition and time commitments of their other patients?
  8. Does the provider conduct background checks on all staff, require continuing education, and provide training on issue like abuse awareness and prevention?
  9. Is there a full time MD, RN and social worker on staff for the provider to consult with or refer to?
  10. What level of experience and training does each staff member have and how long has staff worked for the provider?

Extra Credit

Ask the provider for any state inspection reports including deficiency and complaint information and quality measures for delivering good, safe service.

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